DS9: “Extreme Measures: Part 7” and “The Dogs of War: Part 8”

Rom and Leeta SHOCKED at the Nagus announcement

Date: September 3, 2020

Season 7, Episodes 23 and 24

Musical Accompaniment: American Sci-Fi Classics Track panel that lasted over 2 hours and then some instrumental guitar ballads

Interstellar News: Dragon Con Goes Virtual began today, free for everyone so check it out!

So what had happened in “Extreme Measures” was…: Odo is in super rough shape but he still wants Kira to help Damar and the Cardassians. O’Brien and Bashir tell Sisko about their Section 31 theory just as Sloan shows up and gets phasered for his trouble. Bashir reveals he’s going to use a Romulan mind probe so Sloan triggers a self-destruct button in his brain. Bashir does some magic to save Sloan for a bit and him and O’Brien reenact The Cell, going into Sloan’s brain for the cure. They meet happy Sloan and angry Sloan but eventually wake up and Sloan dies… except he doesn’t, Bashir realized it was Sloan’s mind trying to keep them out again. They finally find the room with all of Sloan’s memories and Sloan tries to tempt Bashir with information to dismantle Section 31, but O’Brien keeps him on task and they are able to save Odo.

Happy Sloan with his wife, holding a padd
“I can’t tell you how happy I am to see you.”

So what had happened in “The Dogs of War” was…: Ezri and Bashir are super awkward with each other. They decide to have “the talk” and decide their friendship is much more important to each other, so they’ll just stay friends even though they both want more. The wind up making out in the turbolift and Worf is the best wingman ever. Bashir also tells Odo about Section 31 and everyone says “genocide is wrong, but we’re in a war” and I can’t even deal with that.

The Nagus calls and Quark answers, though there’s a lot of static, announcing he’s going to retire and he’s arriving soon to name his successor. Brunt comes to the station to suck up and also fills Quark in on all of the changes on Ferenginar, to which Quark is pissed. Rom thinks the changes make sense but buys the bar from Quark so Quark can worry about being the Nagus. Turns out Zek and Ishka want Rom to be Nagus, which makes sense given all the reforms, so Rom gives the bar back to Quark.

Damar, Kira, and Garak arrive on Cardassia to meet with those who want to join their cause, but it’s a trap and they are stuck hiding in Mila’s basement. Weyoun delivers the news that Damar is dead and the rebellion is crushed but Mila reports that people on the street are abuzz with rumor, so Kira decides to help stroke the thoughts of revolution. Garak plants a bomb, Kira shoots a Jam’Hadar, and Damar makes a speech to the people. The Dominion plans to fall back so the Federation, Romulan, and Klingon forces decide to attack. Oh, and Yates is pregnant because Sisko forgot his birth control and the San Paulo arrives but is rechristened the Defiant.

Favorite Quotes:

Bashir: Of course you love her. She’s your wife.

O’Brien: Yeah.

Bashir: I’m just saying maybe you like me a bit more, that’s all.

O’Brien: I do not.

O’Brien doth protest too much.
Bashir and O'Brien sitting after being "shot"
“I must say I’m a bit disappointed. I expected it to be more elaborate.”

Garak: Then we might have a revolution on our hands.

Mila: Or you might really get yourselves killed.

Damar: Anything’s better than rotting in this cellar.

Three Cardassians just talking about a little revolution.

Part 7 – “So, am I supposed to guess what’s going on or do I have to lay here in terror waiting for you to tell me?”: So I’m a little pissed they spent AN ENTIRE EPISODE at the end of the series only talking about the cure. We get two seconds of Odo and Kira saying a tearful goodbye and reminding us that she’s lost a love before and the rest of the episode is the Section 31 mishegoss. Bashir does O’Brien a solid and he lies to Sisko telling him that he “ordered” O’Brien to not tell Sisko, another perk of O’Brien being enlisted. When they enter Sloan’s mind they talk about how little time they have and then they spend FOREVER in the turbolift and everything just seemed to take too long. When they I haven’t been as in love with O’Brien as I was when he was on TNG, but Bashir should be thankful his best friend can keep his eye on the prize otherwise they all would have died. I will say, however, I did enjoy the scenes in his mind and how the trap really worked.

Odo is cured
“If you mean it’s going to be painful, just say so.”

Part 8 – “I am the Emissary of the Prophets and I know that nothing is going to happen. Everything is going to be all right.”: I’ll start with the Ezri and Bashir romance that seems forced as all get out. At least Worf was a bro about it. As I said earlier, I’m not even going to go off on a rant about that because it’s too damn late and there is not enough coffee for what I have to say. I love that Zek and Ishka are going to retire and that they chose Rom to take over to usher in the new age of Ferenginar. It’s wonderful to see the Ferengi are taking to progressive views quite well. The scenes on Cardassia are great because they find out they’ve been betrayed and are trying to figure out what to do, and it’s Kira who really saves their asses because she’s never one to back down from a challenge. Garak is also fantastic, as always, and his true love for Cardassia shines through. It’s possible he can go home after helping Damar, wouldn’t that be nice! I hate that Jake hasn’t really been around, I’d like to know what he thinks about being a big brother.

Rom and Leeta SHOCKED at the Nagus announcement
“I’ll do the best I can.”

Overall rating for the 8-part arc: The best episode was, by far, “Tacking Into the Wind” and the worst was “Extreme Measures”. The rest, however, all sort of fell into the middle because you have to tell the whole story. I think they could have left out some things and did this in four or five parts, but overall I think it sets up the finale with just the final battle. Odo is cured, people are in love,everyone in the Alpha Quadrant wants the Dominion gone, and Sloan is no longer a threat. I’m rating the arc 7 soft shell tacos, each with their own different fillings because I love variety, and a side of sweet potato flautas with avocado, sour cream, and tomatoes.

TA Out!

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