DS9: “Penumbra: Part 1” and “Till Death Do Us Part: Part 2”

Date: August 31, 2020

Season 7, Episodes 17 and 18

Musical Accompaniment: Some “relaxing” music, according to YouTube

Interstellar News: I finished three loads of laundry today and got a ton of other stuff done around the house. It’s been raining since 4 pm and we’ve had three alerts go off from the Emergency Broadcast System through our phones and my poor dog wants to go out but is scared of the rain.

So what had happened in “Penumbra” was…: Sisko purchases land on Bajor and asks Yates to marry him. She says “yes” and he has a vision from his Prophet mother telling him Yates is not part of his path and he’ll only know sorrow. Worf is lost in battle but Ezri is determined to find him, so she steals a runabout when the Defiant has to end their search for survivors. She finds Worf in the Badlands but their runabout is attacked and they must abandon ship. On the planet they fight, kiss, sleep together, and are captured by the Breen. Weyoun has Damar install a communications unit in the female changeling’s quarters and she asks Weyoun how the Vorta are coming along with a cure for their illness. Dukat comes to see Damar and asks for his help in securing a surgeon to make him appear Bajoran.

Dukat as a Bajoran
“Believe me, Damar, I have no desire to be a Bajoran the rest of my life. But for now, I’m afraid it’s necessary.”

So what had happened in “Till Death Do Us Part” was…:Kai Winn arrives at DS9 to “assist” with the wedding when she finally has a vision she thinks is from the Prophets but I know is from the Pah-wraiths, telling her to bring about “The Restoration”. Sisko comes clean with Yates about the Prophet’s warning so she takes off her ring, leaves it, and walks out. Quark brings a beautiful ring to Sisko, so Sisko decides “fuck what the Prophets say” and marries Yates right then in the wardroom with Ross presiding and Jake as the best man. His mother tries to interfere again but he chooses Yates over happiness. Worf and Ezri are separately interrogated by the Breen and then presented as gifts to Weyoun as the Breen have joined with the Dominion. Dukat takes on the alias of Anjohl Tennan and arrives on DS9 to meet with Kai Winn. She admits to being racist against Sisko, they have a lot in common, and then they kiss.

Ross presides, Yates and Sisko hold hands, and Jake is best man
“These rings are a symbol your love for each other, and your promise to abide by the vows you’ve made today.”

Favorite Quote:

Sisko: Did you know there’s a running stream on the property, and the soil is perfect for growing kava. I could make my own springwine.

Yates: The Emissary’s Special Reserve. Could be a big seller.

I love how playful they are together.
Sisko putting a ring on Yates as she gives excellent face.
Yates called Beyonce in for this one… I hate that song, by the way.

Part 1 – “I killed it and now I am going to eat it.”: I love how Sisko’s approach to a problem is to build it out. When he wanted to tackle the Bajoran space vessel, or find B’hala, he either built it outright or used the holosuite. He’s really an engineer at heart who need to see it before he can act. I’m the same way and, unfortunately, I also completely relate to wanting one thing but feeling destined for another. I also enjoyed how Sisko and Yates wanted a small wedding and then he all of a sudden remembered he was the Emissary. Ezri imitating static was absolutely adorable. When she and Worf were arguing on Goralis and then they kissed I screamed “Bad Worf, Bad Ezri, NO COOKIE!” and my husband just laughed at me.

Ezri and Worf sniping at each other
“If it wasn’t for me, you’d still be drifting around in an escape pod singing Klingon opera.”

Part 2 – “The Prophets didn’t say that I can’t, they just said that I shouldn’t.”: Winn is the worst and she continues to get worse each time I see her. She had one redeeming moment when she sassed Weyoun and everything else has shown nothing but her racism, ruthless ambition, and power-hungry ways. I am a Slytherin, I’m all about that ambitious life, but not when it gets in the way of what’s truly important. She inserts herself into Sisko’s wedding but, because she hates him and has never trusted him because he isn’t Bajoran, also opens herself up as a perfect vessel for the Pah-wraiths. She wanted to believe Sisko had faltered and she could be the one to save her people.

Dukat as a Bajoran and Winn
“You’ve been blessed, Anjohl. They’ve anointed you to be my guide.”

Worf and Ezri’s capture allows them time to snipe at each other, talk, and also hear things that the other would not have said if they were in their right mind. Ezri realizes she may have feelings for Bashir and Worf is starting to come to terms with his feelings for Ezri or the bits of Jadzia that are still alive in her. We also get to see bits of the Breen and how they don’t care much for the wellbeing of their prisoners.

Worf and Ezri on the Breen ship
“Worf, face it. The ‘guard, my cellmate is ill’ trick didn’t work. Neither did your ‘I’ll make a tool and short circuit the door’ idea.”

In Sisko’s story we get to see his free will at work and how much faith he really has. Kira is a true believer so she sulks when Sisko makes a decision she believes to be against the Prophets. Yates loves the man, not the position, and she doesn’t care for much aside from her job and loving him. Sisko makes the real, hard, soul-searching choice, though. He first decides to go along with the Prophets, they haven’t steered him wrong yet. The more he thinks about it the more he realizes they don’t experience linear time as he does and they don’t understand what it is like to be human, and he realizes that he wants Yates in his life no matter how much sorrow it will bring him. He decides to choose love and the way Yates makes him feel no matter his obligations to Bajor. This decision also leads to the super small wedding they wanted with, mostly, everyone there as opposed to having to do a gigantic wedding ceremony with all of Bajor and taking up most of the budget.

Both parts set things up well and I am looking forward to the next six parts plus the two-part finale.

TA Out!

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