DS9: “Through the Looking Glass”

Date: July 7, 2020

Season 3, Episode 19

Musical Accompaniment: Magical Celtic music

Interstellar News: Work was insanely busy today but at least I got to eat one of my favorite sandwiches for lunch.

Favorite Quote:

Mirror Kira: He always has to make things difficult.

Mirror Garak: It’s one of his least endearing qualities.

Things in the Mirror Universe are always interesting.

So what had happened was…: Odo and Sisko accuse Quark of staging vole fights when O’Brien kidnaps Sisko and takes him to the Mirror Universe. It’s been a year since the events of “Crossover” but Mirror Sisko has died during an important mission, getting Professor Jennifer Sisko on the rebellion’s side.

Mirror Jennifer with Sisko
“Why don’t you start by telling me what happened to my husband?”

Mirror Kira is still her usual flirtatious self but this time we get to meet Mirror Bashir (who is not a doctor and super scraggly looking), Mirror Rom (who is pissed that Quark is dead and also later revealed to be a spy), and Mirror Dax (who has an affair with Sisko). O’Brien and Sisko are captured by The Alliance but it’s a ploy to break Jennifer out and Sisko shows us his balls-of-steel when he sets the station to self-destruct, but it allows the rebels to escape with Jennifer (who is super smart and figured out he was not her Sisko).

“I still hate you.”: Apparently each time we go to the Mirror Universe a Ferengi dies, is that some weird “an angel gets its wings” adage? I didn’t like this episode as much as I did “Crossover” but it was still fun to watch the crew play slightly different versions of themselves. Sisko gets to have sexy fun time with THREE different women, well maybe two-and-a-half, because apparently Mirror Sisko ain’t nothing but a hound dog. O’Brien and Rom have found their confidence but that means Mirror O’Brien is not different than ours so much and Rom is totally different. Having Dax be flirty as well seems like a cop out to me as both the female leads seem reduced to sex kittens in tight outfits. The thing that confused me the most, however, was Bashir. Last time our Bashir went through to the other side and absolutely no one batted an eye at who he was and all of a sudden he magically appears? For that matter, what the hell is Dax doing involved with a Terran rebellion? I get that a Vulcan was there because it was Spock’s fault last time and it makes sense for Vulcans to be treated just as poorly as Terrans, but what’s it to the Trill?

Mirror Dax lies on the bed
“I’m really glad you’re alive. And I’m going to make you glad you’re alive, too.”

I also want to know how O’Brien figured out how to mess with the transporter… oh wait it’s O’Brien, mystery solved. I truly loved Mirror Sisko’s performance last time and this time, although it was perfectly played, it just wasn’t as fun. I did enjoy the ending and love that Sisko is so technically minded. I hate that Mirror Quark and Odo are dead, that Garak doesn’t have as much bite to him, and that we haven’t seen Mirror Dukat. Hopefully the next trip to the MU will be much better. I rate this episode 6 ducks, and none of them are in a row.

TA Out!

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