DS9: “Invasive Procedures” and “Cardassians”

Date: June 15, 2020

Season 2, Episodes 4 and 5

Musical Accompaniment: My iTunes instrumental list with Gorillaz, Minus the Bear, and Joe Satriani.

Interstellar News: It rained all damn day.

Favorite Quote from “Invasive Procedures”:

Odo: Oh, please. Don’t try to tell me you’ve been sitting out here all this time pining for Rom.

Quark: I know, I know. He couldn’t find a cup of water if you dropped him in a lake, but even if he is an idiot, he’s still my brother.

Odo: And you’d betray him in a second if it suited your interests.

Quark: That doesn’t mean I don’t love him.

Odo knowing full well that Quark will do anything for gold-pressed latinum and Quark trying to explain the Ferengi family structure.

So what had happened in “Invasive Procedures” was…: DS9 is evacuated, again, due to a violent plasma storm and is being run by the folks in the opening credits. Even Quark has stayed, but that’s mostly to place something in the docking ring. A ship approaches who needs emergency assistance but it’s a trap with two Klingons, a Trill, and another alien who immediately take their combages and make Odo get into a Ghostbusters trap they then have Bashir place in stasis.

2 Klingons and a Trill take over Odo and O'Brien
A changeling, two Klingons, a human, and a Trill walk into a bar…

The ragtag crew arrives at Ops and overtakes them because the Trill, a man named Verad, wants Dax out of Jadzia. Quark was planning on doing business with them but has been deceived, so he joins everyone in Ops. Bashir performs the operation and Verad is now Verad Dax, though he does everything he can to keep Jadzia alive. Sisko takes advantage of his friendship with both Curzon and Jadzia to try to talk Verad into doing the right thing, but it falls on deaf ears. Quark fakes being hurt so they can liberate Bashir and Odo while Sisko works on Verad’s girlfriend Mareel. Verad is defeated and wakes up feeling empty, remembering nothing, while Jadzia is Jadzia Dax again and remembers everything.

…”Don’t call me Benjamin”: I’m super torn about this episode. We just saw the evacuation of the station and it just so happens the only people on board are the senior staff and Quark… yawn. Also, what kind of deal needed to be done for all of the security measures to be offline? Quark knows that they’ll know it was him and he’d be risking his business, I can’t think of anything worth that risk. I’m also positive there will be no consequences for him which is ridiculous because even helping out did not undo what he did, he totally crossed the line. I understand Kira’s been the star of a lot of episodes but she’s totally a bad ass and I have no idea how she gets outfought by a prostitute.

John Glover as Verad
You are looking at a changed man

Bashir and Dax both did a lot of work in the off season and it shows here where they both lay it all on the line. Dax sacrifices potentially both of her lives for the rest of the crew while Bashir bullies a Klingon, it’s spectacular. The real star of the show is John Glover as Verad who goes from this meek little man with a bit of a pause and stutter do a confident man who stands up tall and takes command of the room. The range of his acting is fantastic and the attention to detail, like his hair being different after the joining. This episode also really made me interested in learning more about the Trills, I find it all so… fascinating. 6 Trill symbionts for this episode.

Favorite Quote from “Cardassians”:

Sisko: So, you deduced that Garak thinks Dukat is lying about something you’re not sure of and you proceeded to interrupt my conversation to confront him about whatever that may be.

Bashir: I’m sorry, Commander. It just seemed an opportune

Sisko: Don’t apologize. It’s been the high point of my day. Don’t do it again.

Sisko is impressed but also, still the boss.

So what had happened in “Cardassians” was…: Garak and Bashir are drinking at the Replimat when a Bajoran man comes in with a Cardassian boy, who winds up biting Garak when approached. Minutes later Gul Dukat calls suddenly concerned about all of the Cardassian children that he was “ordered” to leave behind. The father explains that Rugal was adopted and of course they explained that Cardassians are evil but they think of him as Bajoran while the man traveling with them tells a story of parental abuse which leads to Rugal staying with the O’Briens and an investigation.

Gul Dukat looking shocked while Garak looks on in the background mighty pleased with himself.
Such a good shot. Look at those faces!

O’Brien is a racist against “the Cardies”, which Keiko admonishes, but then later expresses that you can’t judge a whole race of people so I have no idea what’s going on in his head. Garak wakes up Bashir in the middle of the night and they head to Bajor to find adoption records just as Gul Dukat rings Sisko to explain they’ve found the biological father of Rugal, an esteemed politician named Kotan Pa’Dar. Kotan arrives at DS9, as does Dukat, and Sisko presides over a hearing to determine what will happen to Rugal. Bashir and Garak fix the computer and comb through the records only to find it’s been deleted but they find the Bajoran who remembers a female Cardassian dropping off Rugal. Bashir takes his turn at asking Dukat questions while Garak watches on with a shit-eating grin because they have found proof Rugal was stolen only to be used to embarrass Kotan at a later time. Sisko rules in favor of Kotan and sends Rugal back to Cardassia.

…”I don’t need to hear it twice”: So many questions. Where did the witness go and why did he say such things? I guess that was part of the set up by Dukat. What’s up with Dukat and Garak? I hope we eventually find out, I do love some station gossip. This is not the fist time O’Brien has used a slur and I’m glad Keiko is not putting up with that bullshit. It is absolutely fine to hate an individual, it is never okay to hate an entire anything. The Garak and Bashir budding bromance is adorable but the episode spent so much time on their relationship when the story should have been about Rugal all along. Too often the child is the one forgotten about during custody hearings and, as an 11 year old, Rugal should have had more participation in every part of it. I did enjoy, however, how Bashir stopped the runabout to demand answers from Garak. It reminded me a lot of Gibbs from NCIS, here’s a clip:

I wish someone had made a compilation of the various times Gibbs has stopped the elevator to have an important conversation.

There was a heartbreaking scene at the orphanage where the Cardassian children wonder if Garak is there to take them home and it makes me want to adopt every damn child I can because children should grow up with people who love and care for them, regardless of who birthed them. It was also obvious that Kotan really thought his child was dead and loved his son very much, but I’m sure it was just as hard for the Bajoran parents who had loved and cared for Rugal as their own… even if they filled his heart with hatred for his own race. No matter how much they thought he was Bajoran, he outwardly looks like a Cardassian and people always judge a book by it’s cover (just ask The Pagemaster). In the end I’m reminded of “Suddenly Human” from TNG where Picard makes the decision that is best for the boy. Sisko dropped his baseball here, and for that he gets a “Golden Sombrero” which is apparently when a player strikes out 4 times in one game.

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