A Second Challenge

Date: June 1, 2020

Musical Accompaniment: A random assortment of things on my “watch later” list.

Interstellar News: I did watch three episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation today, but it’s 11:30 pm and I need to get some sleep. I promise I will write about them tomorrow.

I will also be challenging myself in a second way and wanted to keep you all updated.

One of my favorite authors, Laurell K. Hamilton, is about to release her 27th Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter novel, Sucker Punch, in August. It’s been two years since the last release, and I always try to do a re-read before the next book comes out. I figure I’ll need the next two months to get through the reading (between watching episodes of Trek and work and such).

So tonight, before bed, I will begin with Guilty Pleasures.

Laurell K. Hamilton's "Guilty Pleasures" novel cover
The bookmark comes from my favorite game series, Munchkin, but more specifically their Vampire themed set. Tis appropriate.

TA Out!

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3 thoughts on “A Second Challenge

  1. I started my re-read of this my favorite series 2 weeks ago i am currently on book 9. I love to re-live the books and emotions leading up to the newest chapter in the lives of the characters i have come to love. Fingers crossed i make it in time. I do not want to wait to read the sucker punch. But, i have committed to this task.

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