TNG: “Unification” Parts 1 and 2

Date: April 26, 2020

Season 5 , Episodes 7 and 8

Musical Accompaniment: Jordi Savall: Lachrimae Caravaggio

Interstellar News: Another day of yard work but my war on weeds and plant sex has come to an end… for now. Also, there was a dedication to Gene Roddenberry at the top of both episodes as he had passed before they aired.

Favorite Quotes:

Data: I suggest we piggy-back our signal on Romulan subspace transmissions.

K’vada: Piggy-back?

Data: A human metaphor, pardon me.

This exchange was quite funny to me, in fact I really liked how entertaining K’vada was throughout the whole episode.
The Klingon captain, K'vada.
“Be careful, android. Some Romulan beauty might take a liking to you. Lick that paint right off your ears.”

Spock: I will not read this or any other statement.

Sela: If you do not, you will die. All of you will die.

Spock: Since it is logical to conclude that you will kill us in any event, I choose not to cooperate.

Sela: I hate Vulcans. I hate the logic. I hate the arrogance. 

Spock using logic and Sela hating him for it.

The Enterprise‘s latest mission is cancelled and they are recalled to Starbase 234 to have a mystery meeting with an Admiral… this never ends well. Apparently Ambassador Spock is missing but was spotted on Romulus, so Picard is tasked with finding out why. They first head to Vulcan to speak with Perrin and Sarek who believe he did so intentionally to meet with a Romluan senator named Pardek. The next stop is to the Klingon home world as a cloaked ship is necessary for entry into Romulan space without detection. Here, the story splits in two parts: Data and Spock head out to Romulus and Riker and the rest of the crew head to Qualon II.

Data and Picard disguised as Romulans
I’m sorry, is there something on my face?

Data and Spock are fitted for Romulan dress and find out that Sarek has died. They beam down to the planet and are intercepted by Pardek and Spock. Spock is on a personal mission of peace and believe that Pardek and some of his people are ready for reunification between the Vulcan and Romulan people. Spock meets with Neral, the proconsul, but we see he is in league with Sela. In fact, the foursome of Picard, Data, Spock, and Pardek are caught by Sela and it turns out that Pardek was in on it the whole time. Spock and Data hack into the computers and escape, though Picard allows Spock to mind meld with him in order to share his connection with Sarek one last time.

La Forge, RIker, Troi, and Dokachin
“He probably figures that we don’t get to see a lot of handsome women out this way and
someone like you might get a little more cooperation from me. He’s probably right.”

Riker and the rest of the Enterprise head to Qualon II to figure out why a Vulcan ship is in pieces in their cargo bay. They meet with Dokachin who is, at first, uncooperative but then is suddenly very helpful when he realizes TWO ships are missing from his junkyard. Riker lays a trap but accidentally blows up the renegade vessel so they have to head to a bar for some information, which they get from a rather obese Ferengi. They head to the location and are given orders by Picard, but Riker doesn’t really believe them. As three Vulcan ships enter Federation space, they see a message from Spock and go to intercept the ships. A Romulan warbird decloaks and destroys all three vessels instead of having them be caught in the act.

I wanted to like these episodes more. I knew there was no way that Spock would defect and that he was ever the pacifist. I did not see the betrayal of Pardek coming, that was a low blow, but Spock was unsurprised. Sela makes the “bad guy speech” where she tells her whole plan without killing the “good guys”, rookie mistake. She’s not really a very competent villain, how did she rise to the ranks at such a young age? She reminds me of all of the villains on Scooby Doo, but instead she’s thwarted by Picard and crew instead of “some meddling kids”. Her Trojan Horse plan did not account for Riker knowing his captain too well and for so many other variables, but it did display the harshness of the Romulans that we saw from the Klingons in the early episodes of The Original Series. Some of my favorite moments were Worf singing Klingon opera, Data issuing the Vulcan nerve pinch on Sela, and Spock’s facial expressions. Captain K’vada was an interesting Klingon and I enjoyed his no-nonsense attitude as well as his delight over Data being able to access the Romulan computers. Aside from these moments, and the cool undercover work, this was just another two-part episode that showed the incompetence of Sela. I’m giving both episodes 5 sets of pointed ears and one rendition of Aktuh and Maylota.

TA Out!

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