Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

Date: February 18, 2020

Setting the Stage: I began the movie around 6:30 pm on Feb 17, 2020 via Amazon Prime. Husband and I ate Chinese food while Tempura (ironically) kept trying to eat my chicken. Zoom was in his pen with his frozen pumpkin-filled Kong and after we finished eating he slept, in between us. Tonight’s musical accompaniment is something random I pulled up on YouTube about the Chronicles of Narnia.

Luis-style Summary: The Klingons purchase data on the Genesis project and head to the Genesis planet. As the Enterprise is docking, there’s a breach in Spock’s quarters and it’s McCoy acting weird as fuck. Scotty gets assigned to the Excelsior and is salty about it. Sarek is mad at Kirk for not returning to Vulcan, but then realize that Spock mind-melded with McCoy before he died and that’s why McCoy is acting so strange. Dr. David Marcus and Saavic are near the Genesis planet and beam down after getting a life form reading and find Spock’s casket empty. Kirk asks the Commander of Starfleet to try to save Spock, he says no, so Kirk says “fuck it, I’ma do it anyway”, as do Chekov, Sulu, and McCoy. Uhura beams them aboard the Enterprise, while being a bad ass, and promises to meet them later. There’s a sort-of dramatic exit, and some sabotage by Scotty, but they get away and head toward the Genesis planet. Back on the Genesis planet, they come across a cold, crying boy who is totally baby Groot, I mean baby Spock.

I am Groot.
I am Groot.

Suddenly the Klingons arrive and blow up the Grissom, stranding baby Spock, Saavic, and David. The planet is aging, as is Spock, at an accelerated rate and this means Genesis was a failure. The Enterprise arrives, shots are exchanged, and Kirk “surrenders” by setting the destruct sequence to blow up the Klingons who boarded. The Enterprise crew beams down to the planet and David has been murdered. Kruge gets kicked in the face and into the lava down below. It’s a very Hans Gruber from Die Hard moment.

Hans Gruber falling

Kirk busts out some Klingon, they steal the Klingon ship, and rendezvous with Uhura and Sarek on Vulcan. The try to reinstate Spock’s consciousness from McCoy into Spock’s body. Once Spock is back in his body he starts to remember.

TL;DR: Genesis revitalized Spock’s body, Spock transferred his essence into McCoy before dying, Kirk and crew break every rule and own some Klingons in order to reconnect Spock’s body and mind.

Favorite quotes:

Kruge: Fire!

(Gunner fires and the Grissom is destroyed)

Kruge: I wanted prisoners!

Klingon Gunner #1: A lucky shot, sir.

(Kruge vaporizes the gunner)

Kruge: Animal!

Do not displease the Lord Commander!
Kruge points a gun at the crew member that displeased him

Maltz: Wait! You said you would kill me!

Kirk: I lied.

Poor Klingon, no honorable death for you today.

Spock: The ship. Out of danger?

Kirk: You saved the ship, you saved us all. Don’t you remember?

Spock: Jim, your name is Jim.

Kirk: Yes.

Spock remembering bits and pieces.

My Thoughts and Impressions: I was not prepared for Christopher Lloyd as a Klingon, but he was fantastic. I grew up watching Lloyd in movies like Angels in the Outfield and Back to the Future. I like McCoy MUCH better in the movies, even though he’s still a racist and that’s never excusable, but here he seems to be more playful. While McCoy has Spock in his mind, he tries to do the Vulcan neck pinch and it’s hysterical. Also, you spot some Tribbles in the bar scene, which is a nice nod to the TV show and maybe also a nod to how much they hate Klingons, hmmmmm. I enjoyed finding out more about the Klingons and hearing their language, but it didn’t make sense when they transitioned to English sometimes. This was a very solid squeal movie in that it felt like no time had passed from The Wrath of Khan, when it fact all of the actors were now several years older in real life. There are some things that are weird like Kirk repeating “You Klingon bastard, you killed my son”, and Saavic being so nonchalant about pon farr when it was supposed to be a super secret Vulcan secret. Also, Sarek is supposed to be some all important ambassador, can’t he just ask the Federation to let Kirk get his son’s body? I did not like this version of Saavic and found her performance to be underwhelming, give me more Uhura! I found it interesting that when Spock was brought back to himself and was giving a “once over” to his crew, the reaction Uhura gives him. I’m totally on the “Spock and Uhura had a thing” bandwagon, and you can’t change my mind.

The two prior movies gave us a different Kirk from the TV series, one that was a little more willing to break the rules rather than follow or bend slightly. This Kirk, however, is a drastic change as he goes straight to rule-breaking after his commanding officer tells him “no”. He seems to have a blind spot where Spock is concerned and decides that Spock’s life is always worth the risk. The fact that Sulu, Uhura, Chekov, and Scotty also feel the same is a reflection on both Kirk and Spock being great leaders to their crew and inspiring loyalty no matter the cost. If McCoy was in his right mind, I’m sure he would have come along anyway, but he didn’t really have a choice which is why I leave him off the first list.

One thing I am certainly glad about is the ineffectiveness of the Genesis machine, as that could have opened a much bigger can of words. While terraforming and creating life is interesting as hell, I think the possibility of that technology in the “wrong” hands is far scarier than anything I want to actively think about.

Movie rating: . In comparison to the other movies and my Rankings page, I believe it earns itself a warp 7.

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