Jan 28, 2020 – I am le tired

Good evening loyal readers.

I did watch two episodes tonight, but I am exhausted and can’t bear to write about them right now. I worked a full day and had several back-to-back meetings that kept me late, so I am “le tired”.

One of my favorite videos in my undergraduate days was “The End of the World”, which then came out with a sequel a few years ago, and is the inspiration for me always saying “but I am le tired”.

There’s a LOT of language and dark humor, but I needed a laugh tonight so I’ll treat you to two AND a cat picture to make up for my lack of Star Trek tonight.

LANGUAGE! per Captain America, from quora.com
LANGUAGE! per Captain America, from quora.com

The original video: The End Of The World


And, as promised, a cat picture that has FOUR CATS in it:

TA out!

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