TOS: Season 2, Episodes 1 – 3 (Jan 13, 2020)

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Series and Season: Star Trek: The Original Series, Season 2

Episode #, and Episode Name: 1 – “Amok Time”, 2 – “Who Mourns for Adonais?”, and 3 – “The Changeling”

Setting the Stage: I started at 7:30 pm on January 13, 2020. Still watching via Netflix and using their viewing order. Husband and I ate dinner while we watched the first two episodes. I worked out during the last episode. Professor Zoom has decided he likes this Star Trek stuff and was present for all three episodes. As this was a new season, I watched the introduction on the first episode. Spoiler alert: it hasn’t changed.

I’ve also updated how I’ll run these posts with my Summary and Impressions all mixed together. I’m also going to try to do better on rating each episode, but they will be inconsistent just for funsies.

Quick Summary with my Impressions: “Amok Time” begins with a volatile and very emotional Spock. Oh my goodness, it’s babyface Walter Koenig and he’s in an AWFUL wig. McCoy is trying to be chummy with Spock instead of antagonistic, I like that. Spock is deeply uncomfortable and apparently he’s going to die if he doesn’t get laid. I really like the Sulu and Chekov dynamic, I hope to see more of it as the season progresses. Wait, is Spock hitting on Chapel?! Okay, so we get to the planet Vulcan and Spock calls Kirk and McCoy his closest friends, in the most Vulcan way possible, and it’s super adorable.

Spock and his lady “love” exchange very Vulcan pleasantries and the three men beam down to begin the ceremony. There is so much dramatic music, Kirk and McCoy are clearly confused, and apparently his “wife” decides she wants Spock to fight for her. She chooses Kirk instead of the random dude with a green sash who she apparently made an earlier agreement with. Okay, what is with the damn bells? This is going to be interesting, there are axes… oh, and combat is to the death, whoops. Had to show off Kirk’s chest, really? Watching the stuntmen go at it is kind of funny, because it’s very clear when Shatner and Nimoy are not the ones fighting . McCoy helps even things out for Kirk when a time out is called. Now, there are lasso-like belts and Spock is totally winning… he seems to come to his senses when it looks like he’s killed Kirk. Methinks McCoy gave him something to appear dead, calling Romeo and Juliet. Spock’s bride-to-be did want the other dude and Spock gladly parts with her, praising her logic. I hear “live long and prosper” for the first time! When Spock turns around to see Kirk is alive and he smiles, it’s the best scene ever. We end on a high note and some sassy commentary between our three leading men. I absolutely loved this episode, 10/10 would recommend.


“Who Mourns for Adonais?” opens with Scotty is pulling the moves, McCoy being misogynistic, and Kirk lamenting about a future where he would lose an officer when they see a green puff of smoke in the shape of a hand that grabs the ship. There’s a dude on the screen but Kirk thinks he’s the boss and tries to puff his chest out at iot. Spock is not allowed on the planet because he’s a killjoy, according to the mysterious man. At least this time the man, Apollo, is in a skimpy outfit. I’m noticing more that they definitely do something to make all the women be seen in a softer light. Apollo is in thrall with Carolyn and Scotty ain’t having that… but it’s no use, she likes her pretty pink outfit. Let’s be honest, I like it too and that would be awesome to cosplay in the damn Atlanta heat. What’s with Kirk getting choked out two episodes in a row? Uhura will not be rushed with her repairs and Spock is kind in turn, understanding the situation. Carolyn smashes Apollo’s heart in the best way possible, she’s cold as ice, and then he goes apeshit while the Enterprise tries to smash his structure. Apollo starts crying and begs the other gods to take him home. This episode was okay, I give it 5 avocados.


“The Changeling” opens with a problem, where did the 4 billion people go? More weird green objects coming at the ship, what is this Disney villain hour?  Spock essentially says good things come in small packages, yay for me at 5 foot tall. A machine beams aboard and NOMAD reminds me of Brainiac from Superman. Nope, apparently it’s Ultron and has to exterminate anything that isn’t perfect. NOMAD is all about Uhura’s voice, but then doesn’t understand the concept of music and wipes Uhura’s brains. Man, Scotty keeps getting owned… WHAT THE FUCK, Scotty is dead? Uhura is stoned? What is happening? OF COURSE I WANT YOU TO REPAIR THE UNIT, is what Kirk should have said.  Also I love that they are using floppy disks, not sure I made the connection before. NOMAD “repairs” Scotty, whew, but Uhura has to relearn everything. This makes for an adorable moment between Uhura and Chapel. Spock wants to do some Vulcan mind magic, that almost breaks him, so in turn Kirk breaks the mind of NOMAD with a logic error. Man, the redshirts are getting OWNED this episode. Kirk continues to probe at NOMAD until it breaks down. Spock and Kirk take NOMAD back to the transporter room a la Batman ( ) and they transport it off the ship just in time for it to explode. Uhura is smart as hell, she relearns quite quickly, and I’m sure will be back to her usual in no time. “My son, the doctor” is one of my new favorite lines from Kirk. I really liked the dialogue in this episode, so it’s a solid 7 or 8 from me even though we see Kirk out-logicing a robot, again.

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