TNG: “Hero Worship” and “Violations”

Date: April 28, 2020 Season 5, Episodes 11 and 12 Musical Accompaniment: Listening to Keith R. A. DeCandido give a panel at a Virtual Writing Conference, because I’m ridiculous and then setting my iTunes to random. Interstellar News: Husband is liking Scrubs… who is your favorite character? Favorite Quote from “Hero Worship”: Data: I amContinue reading “TNG: “Hero Worship” and “Violations””

TNG: “A Matter of Time” and “New Ground”

Date: April 27, 2020 Season 5, Episodes 9 and 10 Musical Accompaniment: A random assortment of instrumental songs on my iTunes, complete with various movie soundtracks, The Allman Brothers, Billy Joel, Daft Punk, and El Ten Eleven. Interstellar News: The weather was beautiful again today, but my energy has been very limited. I was stillContinue reading “TNG: “A Matter of Time” and “New Ground””

TNG: “Unification” Parts 1 and 2

Date: April 26, 2020 Season 5 , Episodes 7 and 8 Musical Accompaniment: Jordi Savall: Lachrimae Caravaggio Interstellar News: Another day of yard work but my war on weeds and plant sex has come to an end… for now. Also, there was a dedication to Gene Roddenberry at the top of both episodes as heContinue reading “TNG: “Unification” Parts 1 and 2”

TNG: “Disaster” and “The Game”

Date: April 25, 2020 Season 5 , Episodes 5 and 6 Musical Accompaniment: 6 Suites for Cello Solo played by Istvan Vardai, by J.S. Bach. Interstellar News: Another hour of yard work and began Scrubs today. We finally finished Babylon 5, four of the five movies, and Crusade… so it was my turn to pickContinue reading “TNG: “Disaster” and “The Game””

TNG: “Ensign Ro” and “Silicon Avatar”

Date: April 24, 2020 Season 5, Episodes 3 and 4 Musical Accompaniment: A musical journey through the 2Cellos YouTube channel. Interstellar News: I got to play with a pruning lopper and a wood chipper today after work, life is good but I’m exhausted. Two things that have been helping me these past few weeks areContinue reading “TNG: “Ensign Ro” and “Silicon Avatar””