TNG: “The Battle” and “Hide and Q”

Date: February 27, 2020

Season 1, Episodes 8 and 9

Setting the Stage: I watched the first episode on Tuesday and the second episode on Wednesday. Wednesday was a loooooong day of workshop, lunch meeting, office hours, teaching, being a faculty advisor, and then a dinner meeting. Obviously Professor Zoom was in my lap for the whole episode. I’m still watching on Netflix, though both yesterday and today it recommend Deep Space Nine instead. Clearly they are not respecting the order, though at least DS9 is after TNG, so there’s that. Today’s writing music is more Star Wars instrumental, because I love mixing fandoms in my life. Party on dudes!

I also want to keep plugging the Kickstarter Bad Ass Moms for a few more days because it’s a really cool project and there are SO MANY BUNDLES. I mean look at ALL THE BUNDLES:

Favorite Quote from “The Battle”:

Bok: We have heard that you use females. Clothed females. Most interesting.

Riker: They are that, sir.

Kazago: And the android was mentioned too. What is its price? We should like to purchase it.

Picard: He is not for sale. Commander Data is, um, is, um…

Riker: Is second-hand merchandise. You wouldn’t want him.

Data: Second-hand, sir? Oh, of course. A human joke.

The Ferengi being their usual strange selves and Riker quick with the sass. It also reminds me of a great scene from Blues Brothers
The women. How much for the women? I, I want to buy them... from blues brothers.

“The Battle” begins with the Enterprise and a Ferengi vessel meeting, at the behest of the Ferengi no less, but they’ve been radio silent for three days. Picard is suffering from a headache which is apparently not something that is common anymore. Three Ferengi beam aboard as Picard’s old ship, the Stargazer is brought to them in order to honor the “Hero of Maxia”. Years ago an unidentified vessel, which we are now told was a Ferengi ship, refused to open communications and fired on the Stargazer and Picard was adept enough to have a maneuver named after him. The Ferengi are offering the vessel for free and out of “friendship”, they are much more controlled this episode and much less monkey-like than the last time we saw them.

Picard has a headache

Turns out one of the Ferengi is doing something to Picard’s mind. Data uncovers a recording of Picard “admitting” to shooting first without provocation, but that’s found out to be a fake. Picard is tricked into setting the Stargazer free from the tractor beam and then he beams aboard and is met by Bok. Bok’s only son was on that unidentified vessel from 9 years ago and Bok has been planning his revenge. Bok leaves the mind control sphere and beams off, just as Picard thinks he’s back trying to fight the enemy ship, when really he’s thinking about firing on the Enterprise. The other Ferengi report to Riker that they don’t want to be involved, but they have relieved Bok of his command. Riker helps Picard to destroy the sphere and we get to see Picard’s stunt double before everyone walks away as if nothing had happened.

I enjoyed this episode for the roller coaster it was. Wes comes up with a way to do something that Data seems interested in but he also gets a dressing down from Picard, and rightly so. Dr. Crusher is concerned about “just a headache” because she understands the implications. The crew that explores the Stargazer are like kids who have discovered an old GameBoy while Picard is reminiscent and thinking of his old ship fondly, or as much as he can with his head being toyed with. The other Ferengi stay true to their character by putting profit above all else, but show a little bit more when they give Riker the heads up about it, as if to say “we’re not really all that bad, and we’re also a bit sorry our captain was an idiot”. All in all a solid episode with only a few down spots, so that earns this episode an 8 piece band.

Favorite Quote from “Hide and Q”:

Data: Sir, how is it that the Q can handle time and space so well, and us so badly?

Picard: Perhaps some day we will discover that space and time are simpler than the human equation.

Picard with the ever amazing answers

“Hide and Q” sees the Enterprise heading toward a medical emergency when Q interferes, no matter how many times they explain they are trying to help others. Q takes everyone but Picard off the bridge and onto a class M planet with twin moons while Picard is left on the Enterprise alone, that is until Yar is put in “the penalty box”. The Q are intrigued by humans, but Q wants to focus on Riker this time. Picard and Q make a wager and suddenly the whole bridge is on the planet and are under attack. Worf gets owned, Wesley gets stabbed, and Riker has been given the power of the Q, so he fixes everyone and beams them back with a smug expression on his face. Picard makes Riker promise not to give in to the power of the Q.

Q in his French military garb

Now at the medical emergency they find a dead child, but Riker keeps his promise (though he doesn’t like it). Q, who likes to change costumes frequently and does so enough that Picard even mentions it, shows up to tempt Riker. Riker starts to give everyone on the bridge the things they want most: Wesley to be 10 years older, Data wants to be human, Worf wants a Klingon female, and La Forge his sight – but they all refuse, they know the cost is too high. Riker understands what a fool he was, as Picard knew he would, and refuses the power. This means Q loses the bet and is whisked away.

I really want them to use Worf more often, I am so intrigued by him. When he gets his drink from Q he makes amazing eye contact, purposefully empties the drink, and throws away the glass, all while growling menacingly at Q… it’s fantastic. Also, I’m pretty sure Worf admits to being both kinky (he does slap the female Klingon) and either asexual or possibly purposefully celibate (“This is sex. But I have no place for it in my life now.”) in this episode and I’m living for all of it.

Thank you kind internet stranger for this Worf supercut

It’s great that Riker knows what everyone’s deepest desire is, you can only know that if you spend time getting to know those under your command. It takes him a while and a lot of nudging by Picard, but he eventually gets there. However, there’s a lot of beaming back and forth, Yar is almost completely forgotten, and the guy who plays Riker just can’t banter with the best of them like Sir Patrick Stewart. This episode earns a 6 dollar foot-long, take that Subway!

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When You Can’t Words Words…

Date: February 26, 2020

Greetings one and all this fine Wednesday evening.

After two 12 hours days this week, taking care of a sick husband, and dealing with a dog who is super concerned about his Dad sleeping in the guest room and coughing all night behind a closed door, I am pooped!

I started the outline for the next two episodes, but I need to attempt some sleep and I don’t want to put something out that you don’t want to read.

However, I did want to leave you with a gift of three of my favorite internet finds… enjoy!

Life is like roasting a marshmallow. You have to keep it moving, so it cooks evenly. It takes time and patience. (marshmallow catches on fire) F***ing S***.

I remember the very first TED talk, it was most excellent.
So technically Moses is the first man to download files from the cloud using a tablet.

Please enjoy tonight’s musical selection, sent to me by a very dear friend:

Italia ❤

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TNG: “Lonely Among Us” and “Justice”

Date: February 25, 2020

Season 1, Episodes 6 and 7

Setting the Stage: I watched the first episode on Feb 24 around 8 pm as I ate my bacon and cheese veggie burgers with my bacon and cheese cauliflower tots, because I’m cool like that and I had to work an almost 12 hour day. I watched the second episode on Feb 25 around 6 pm with a whole mess-ton of Taco Bell, because I’m an idiot. I also watched “The Battle”, but I’ll write about that tomorrow. Still watching on Netflix, even though it keeps telling me that I’ll really like Voyager and I should watch that instead. Sorry Netflix A.I., someone is already doing that (though mine is a first watch rather than a rewatch) and I have an order to keep. Today’s writing music is random instrumental music that will help me to not fall asleep.

I also wanted to take a minute to plug a Kickstarter I’ve backed called Bad Ass Moms. I personally know at least two of the writers and would love to see at least three of the stretch goals reached. For those that don’t know me personally my Mom passed away in January 2019 at the age of 56 and she had some “bad ass mom” tendencies, so I’m looking forward to reading about some real life inspired and totally fictional moms. Here’s the link, you have two weeks if you want to support the project:

Favorite Quote from “Lonely Among Us”:

Data: On the contrary, dear colleague. On their return, they drew medical supplies appropriate to the treatment of minor wounds and abrasions on these life forms.

Riker: Which, leaves us with only one conclusion.

Data: Exactly. That they were too engaged in their own affairs to have disabled our ship and murdered the Engineer. Given a choice, they’d rather kill each other than any of us. It’s elementary, my dear Riker. Sir.

Data doing his best Sherlock Holmes impression while still maintaining his Starfleet rigor

“Lonely Among Us” has the Enterprise ferrying two enemy entities, the Anticans (white haired mongoose teeth people) and the Selay (serpent-like), to a peace conference at the planet Parliament. We get to see Starfleet dress uniforms for this group and they quite spiff.

Selay to the left and Antican to the right with a Starfleet officer in the middle

Back on the bridge we see an energy cloud ahead and as Worf is testing one of the sensors he gets electrocuted, yells a fierce battle cry, and then becomes agitated. As Dr. Crusher examines Worf she is also electrocuted and begins to act strangely. As she accesses the computer on the bridge, the electric current goes into the computer of the Enterprise and she comes back to her usual self. Various stations go down and then are repaired, but it’s a mystery. Things start going wrong again as Singh from engineering gets electrocuted and dies, but Wesley thinks something is afoot. I legitimately wrote the word “afoot” before I knew Data was going to go on a Sherlock Holmes kick, honest!

Benedict CUmberbatchSherlock Holmes
One of my favorite Sherlocks… Elementary and the two movies with RDJ are also fantastic. from

Both Dr. Crusher and Worf experience a time gap in their memory, so Troi decides she wants to try hypnosis and she finds that something had joined with both of them. When Picard touches the console he is now hit with the energy. With his unusual behavior, the crew discusses mutiny or some way to relieve him of command. As they return back to the cloud, the being makes itself known to the bridge, Picard “resigns” from command and electrocutes everyone on the bridge so he can transport himself and the entity into the cloud. The crew pulls some shit out of their ass (I cannot think of another phrase for what happened) and beam Picard back, though he doesn’t remember anything and decides to leave Riker in charge of the diplomatic relations.

I totally feel like the two other alien groups on the ship served no actual purpose other than to maybe show that nothing can ever go smoothly. Data trying to embody Sherlock Holmes is fantastic, and the rest of the crew can’t help but giggle at him. I also don’t understand why the beam knocked Worf on his ass but took over the machines and humans, was it something the Klingon did? I’m a bit disappointed that this episode didn’t highlight the two warring groups, didn’t explore what the energy being was, and ultimately didn’t keep my attention as much as it could have. I rate thee a 5B, comment below if you can guess why.

Favorite Quotes from “Justice”: that’s right, there are TWO 🙂

Data: Would you choose one life over one thousand, sir?

Picard: I refuse to let arithmetic decide questions like that. 

Picard with the evasive and sassy answer

Edo Medicator: God has prevented your escape.

Dr. Crusher: Then your god is unfair. My son had no warning that his act was criminal.

Other Edo Medicator: We cannot allow ignorance of the law to become a defense.

Picard: I don’t know how to communicate this, or even if it is possible, but the question of justice has concerned me greatly of lately. And I say to any creature who may be listening, there can be no justice so long as laws are absolute. Even life itself is an exercise in exceptions.

Riker: When has justice ever been as simple as a rule book?

Picard: It seems the Edo Lord agrees with you, Number One.

A really charged speech for Picard and an interesting view on enforcing the law and justice

“Justice” sees the Enterprise coming back from establishing a colony on one planet and exploring another to see if it is suitable for shore leave. I already know this episode is going to be a shit-show because shore leave is never easy to come by. Data and Worf report a glitch, Picard approves shore leave, and Wesley beams down as part of the away team to be sure it’s suitable for children. The planet, Edo, has scantily clad and very affectionate inhabitants and the away team is very eager to explore. Back on the ship the crew tries to identify the mystery object, when a half-transparent vessel appears and sends a ball of energy to communicate with Picard. It warns Picard to “leave my children alone” and attaches itself to Data, who passes out. Wait, didn’t this happen already on The Animated Series episode “Bem“? It’s also very Charlton Heston.

Charlton Heston as Moses in "The Ten Commandments"

Back on Edo Worf and Riker discuss sex and it’s suuuuuper awkward, but thankfully the inhabitants tell their visitors that there is no crime because if you break the law you get executed and all of the officers share the surprised Pikachu face while also realizing Wesley is not with them… dun dun dun. Of course while Wesley is playing with the other teenagers he breaks a law (he fell onto some plants, the criminal), the Edo mediators try to kill him, and Riker is not having any of that. Picard beams down and is clearly stuck between the Prime Directive and saving the life of Dr. Crusher’s son. Having just made Wesley an acting ensign, this seems like a waste to me. Picard beams back up with one of the Edo women and she identifies the vessel to be “god”, who then becomes mad so they have to beam her back before “god” attacks the Enterprise. Data finally awakens and is able to explain the vessel’s purpose. They all beam back down, Picard tells the inhabitants of Edo that Wesley will not be executed, and they try to beam back but are stopped. The exchange in my second favorite quote happens and they are able to get back aboard the Enterprise.

I’m super torn with this episode. On one hand we had to go through all of that just to have the crew be denied shore leave? Sigh. On another hand we have a mystery vessel and a new culture to explore, one that is quite risque, but both are left unexplored at the end. On yet another hand, hey I’m using a cheat card here, we have a great discussion about the topic of justice and what it looks like to different people in different places. With justice being such an important topic in today’s political climate, it’s important to see all of the sides to every action. I feel like I’ve just made a really bad pro/con list and didn’t really come to a conclusion, so this episode earns itself 5 pumpkin seeds.

Cheat with both hands card, from Munchkin the card game
One of my absolute favorite games, Munchkin. from

TA Out!

TNG: “The Last Outpost” and “Where No One Has Gone Before”

Date: February 24, 2020

Season 1, Episodes 4 and 5

Setting the Stage: I began watching these episodes on Sunday while husband finished staining the fence in our backyard. Fortunately/unfortunately the smell of stain makes me gag, so I had to sit inside with alllllll the fur babies, watch Star Trek, do laundry… woe is me. Although I’m a bit ahead in my viewing, I am behind in my writing. I’m chowing down on some leftovers while writing this post and realizing why it always takes me so long to eat my lunch. I’m also supposed to be going to Florida for Pensacon this weekend, so I hope to still be able to watch and write during this crazy week. Today’s writing music is Music for Reading by Halidon Music, as found on YouTube.

Favorite Quote from “The Last Outpost”:

Tarr: We will return your worthless T9 device and we offer the life of our second officers as required by the Ferengi code.

Data (to Geordi): Fortunately, Starfleet has no such rules involving our second officers.

Tarr: Is this to your satisfaction, Picard Captain?

Picard: Your offer may be inadequate, but I will discuss it with my staff. Stand by for further communications.

Tarr misunderstanding the situation, Data with the humor, and Picard rolling with it

“The Last Outpost” begins with the pursuit of a Ferengi vessel, that looks an awful lot like a mushroom, because they stole a device. We’re about to be in a First Contact situation, but the Ferengi fire twice and then the Enterprise loses power and both ships are stopped in place. Picard calls a conference to sift through all of the options but, in a strange turn of events, the Ferenghi think the Enterprise is asking for their surrender as they are also in the strange force field. The nearby planet is an outpost for the now defunct TKON Empire, so Picard sends an away team to investigate and also ask the Ferengi to send a delegation of their own. The away team is separated upon arrival and the Ferengi attack but Yar shows up with a phaser, much to the chagrin of the Ferengi who do not work with or even clothe their females, yikes.

Ferengi on the veiwing screen

Back on the ship Dr. Crusher and Picard are trying to help with the failing life support systems, but it looks grim. On planet, the power gathers into the head of an old man that turns into a corporeal form. The Ferengi lie to this entity through their fanged teeth, blaming everything on the humans. When it looks like Riker will be attacked, Sun Tzu saves the day and power is restored to the Enterprise. In, what I feel is a throwback to the Tribbles, they beam aboard a box of Data’s Chinese finger traps as a “thank you” to the Ferengi vessel.

Data and his Chinese finger trap

I always love a good first contact situation, and to see how well Riker handled himself at the end was a reason I see he’s a good fit on the away team and a promising “Number One”. The Ferengi, however, were not what I was expecting given all the lead up to their reveal. It was quite disappointing to see them reduced to a punchline rather than an adequate foe. Maybe the idea was to stray as far away from the Romulans and Klingons as possible, but who knows? There were bits of humor peppered into this episode, but it didn’t do much for anyone buy Riker who became chummy with the guardian of the outpost. This episode earns a 6:1 aspect ratio.

Favorite Quote from “Where No One Has Gone Before”: 

Riker: Sir, shall I send for Doctor Crusher?

Picard: Why? Is someone ill? Or would you rather tell her about this, Wes?

Wesley: If you don’t mind, sir, I’d like to sit here awhile. I’ll tell her later.

Riker in complete understanding of the situation, Picard being oblivious for a second, and Wesley being a typical child who forgets to tell their mother everything, sigh

“WNOHGB” opens with a man named Kosinski beaming aboard, with his assistant, in order to run an assessment and some tests on the engines. The actor who plays Kosinski has been in a ton of stuff, but I know him best from Monk, and am sorry to hear he passed away several years ago. Kosinski is going 5,000 miles per minute about how awesome he is but Riker explains that not only his permission is needed, but that of the chief engineer before anything can be done. Wesley, who is working on a school project, quickly bonds with the assistant and hangs around to observe the test.

Stanley Kamel as Kosinski
Stanley Kamel from

When testing at warp 1.5 the assistant begins to phase and something is happening to the warp engine and they begin to pass warp 10 (which has never been done before). The Enterprise has traveled over 2 million light years and at least two galaxies over from their own. Picard asks him to take them back and Riker looks over to see what is happening to the assistant part way through the second test. Though the Enterprise never left warp 1.5 this time, they are in a new place (hence the title), and they went even more forward in time and space- over a billion years away, extra yikes!

the new galaxy

On the bridge Worf’s pet shows up, then Yar’s cat, and Picard almost falls out into space when trying to exit the turbo lift… always check before you exit folks! Time, space, and thought starts to meld together and the crew starts to experience strange things. Picard sees his mother, which is heartbreaking for a minute, and she’s everything I thought she would be. The assistant is actually a traveler who wants to experience the reality of the Enterprise and he’s a focus for thought. Picard tells the crew to not have any stray thoughts, and all I’m thinking about is the Stay Puft Marshmallow man, haha.

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
NO ONE THINK OF ANYTHING… damn it Ray! from

They try again to make their way back home and as the Traveler is fading, Wesley holds his hand to try to give him strength… which magically works and they make their way back home, but the Traveler disappears. Wesley is made an acting ensign because of his heroism and that the Traveler called him a genius.

Okay, so I get that the Traveler had to tell Picard something about Wesley to make it practical for him to be a part of the team. It’s hard to really fit a kid into an adult setting if you don’t have a reason. I also totally understand the kid that’s too smart for their own good and is so much ahead of their time and soooooo much better with people much older than they are, because I was that kid. Sometimes I still feel exactly like that kid. I can imagine that having a young man save the crew time and time again will get boring if this happens every episode, but for it to happen once in a while makes sense. Adults sometimes don’t always remember what it’s like to see a problem with a fresh set of eyes or with a different life experience.

I totally love that they really have the discussion about “do we stay or do we go” because, on one hand, this is essential Starfleet to go forth and discover things. On the other hand, as Picard puts, who would they report this to? Also, I sincerely hope that the message is received in 50 years and one the crew laughs about that one time they got sent to a really far away place in the cosmos. I’m also glad they didn’t just get through on the second try, that they had to figure out what really happened, but it was cheesy as hell that it took a little hand pump and a kind word. Doesn’t make me like this episode any less, and it’s a solid 9 on my completely made up scale of awesomeness… and finally we’re getting somewhere with these TNG episodes.

This one time, at band camp...
This one time, on the Enterprise, we all got drunk. No wait, this one time we got stuck in time loop. No wait… oh that’s right. This one time we got sent over a billion light years away! Now, where’s that flute?

TA Out!

TNG: “The Naked Now” and “Code of Honor”

Date: February 23, 2020

Season 1, Episodes 2 and 3

Setting the Stage: I watched “The Naked Now” on Friday and “Code of Honor” on Saturday still watching on Netflix. Loki, the most skittish and least likely to hang out for Trek, sat on my lap for the entire first episode! I was soooooo happy, maybe we’ll make a Trekkie cat out of him yet. Honestly I’d settle for some affection at least once a week or month even, that’s how infrequent it is. Today was another 5-load laundry day. How on Earth do two adults have so many dirty clothes in one week? Today’s writing music is The Dark Knight soundtrack, by Hans Zimmer.

Favorite Quote from “The Naked Now”:

Riker: Data, I need help in locating some library computer information.

Data: Specifics, sir?

Riker: All I have is a vague memory of reading somewhere about someone taking a shower in his or her clothing.

Data: Ah. The body Geordi discovered.

Riker: I believe it may have happened before.

Data: To someone, somewhere.

Riker: This ought to be easy for someone written up in bio-mechanical texts.

Riker pandering to Data’s earlier comment

The description of “The Naked Now” sounds exactly like an Original Series episode, “The Naked Time“. Turns out, it is aaaaand it isn’t. The Enterprise is in communication with the Tsiolkovsky until someone pulls the escape hatch and it’s quiet. The away team beams aboard and it’s still interesting to see Riker going instead of Picard. When they get back to the ship, everyone checks out fine except for La Forge… seriously when will everyone learn OSHA is not to be trifled with? Wear your gloves kids! Dr. Crusher confines him to sickbay, leaves the room to take some notes, and he inexplicibly takes off his communicator/badge thing and LEAVES SICKBAY. I told you the communicator thing would come into play, just didn’t expect that so soon. Also, let me pause right here. WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING? If someone is confined to sick bay, then the CMO should call in security or, I dunno, confine them to sickbay. Also, are we too early for red shirts to get owned? Have I missed their deaths without realizing it? Okay, back to the episode.

La Forge touches Yar

La Forge runs into Yar and touches her face, then she breaks into Troi’s quarters to find something pretty, touching Troi in the process. This continues until most of the ship has been infected and… my goodness (fans herself), there is waaaaaay more overt sexual contact than was in The Original Series. I mean there was innuendo a plenty, but Data and Yar very obviously go to have sex, another yay for the 80’s?! Riker remembers something about someone, and Data, of course, finds the records of “The Naked Time” but the solution doesn’t work and, of course, Wesley has locked himself in engineering. The star collapses and “drunk” Data is our only hope for putting all of the chips back in the right place. Dr. Crusher figures out the inoculation and away we go.

Princess Leia, "You're my only hope"
Oh yes, Star Wars references at every turn… from

Considering this was pulled as a plot for Season 1 of TOS, I really liked how this episode was done to set it apart. You give the nod to TOS by having Data pull the records, but of course it’s never as simple as rinse and repeat, there’s always something different. What I didn’t like was how childish, churlish, high-schoolish (pick your favorite) almost the entire crew was acting. Wesley I get, he is actually a child, but everyone else was just not right and I can’t put my finger on it. For a remake, or is it a reboot, it was okay but there wasn’t anything to write home about (I may have watched “WNOHGB” today, heh) so this episode is another 5ive.

Favorite Quote from “Code of Honor”: 

Picard: Wesley?

Wesley: I haven’t stepped one foot on your bridge, Captain.

Riker: It’s all right, sir, I’ll see that he leaves immediately.

Picard: No.

Riker: No?

Picard: Why don’t you sit at Ops next to Lieutenant La Forge.

Wesley: Sir?

La Forge: Sir?

Picard: Is the whole ship deaf?! Sit down over there, young man. Temporarily.

Picard with the sass and everyone else making sure they heard correctly.

“Code of Honor” begins with negotiations to get a vaccine from Ligon II and we get to see the cargo transporter, nifty. A red carpet is set down for Lutan, the leader, and the visitors are totally confused about Yar being in charge of security because she’s a, gasp, woman! Picard is very diplomatic and they exchange pleasantries, but Lutan wants Yar to show him through a holodeck, but I think he has more sinister intentions. Yar shows them a martial arts simulation and, as the two men go to return to their planet, they snag Yar at the last moment and beam back down with her. Picard asks everyone for their opinion and decides to wait as it is likely the custom of the Ligonians.

Yareena with the spike thing on her hand
Poisoned, spiked, and heavy as hell, I imagine. from

Dr. Crusher cannot replicate the vaccine but it does work and is badly needed. Data figures out that Picard needs to politely ask for her back and at the banquet prepared in his honor, he needs to publically ask for Yar, which he does. However Lutan wants to keep Yar and make her his first one, which the current first one, Yareena, is absolutely NOT okay with and challenges Yar to a fight with these weird claw-like weapons. Yar hits a striking blow and then beams up with Yareena. Once Yareena was “dead”, Dr. Crusher revitalized her and Yareena was free to choose a new first one. Since the women on Ligon II are the ones who own all of the land and such, she decides to choose Hagon as her first one and offers Lutan the position of second one, fascinating.

It is nice to see the exploration of different cultures. Picard tries really hard to make sure he is abiding by their culture, as he is a visitor and needs them to cooperate, while also doing everything in his power to save his security chief. It’s also interesting to see the women saving the day (Crusher, Yareena, and Yar) and making their own decisions. I was a little disappointed that, aside from the drama of the men absconding with Yar at the beginning and the first look at the fighting ring, there was no surprise or mystery. It was your typical “bad guy of the week” episode, and I was hoping for something stronger or more meaningful. I know first seasons aren’t always the best, you’re still getting your footing and such, but this didn’t really do much to tell us about any of the crew – aside from Yar being totally suited for the position of security chief and what I’m sure is going to be the first of many “WHY ARE THERE WOMEN IN CHARGE?” lines, which is going to get real old, real fast. This episode earns a threeve, a combination of three and five, from another popular Stewart. If you’ve never seen this SNL skit, here’s your chance:

Celebrity Jeopardy! This never gets old.

I’ve now heard about the prime directive in every episode now, maybe it’s important? It’s also interesting to hear Riker leave a log more often than any of the non-Kirk characters did in TOS. Though every time Riker is called “Number One” I think of Austin Powers (and yes, I know, technically he’s Number 2 and it’s not the actor that always plays him, but Rob Lowe, man!).

Number 2 (Rob Lowe) from Austin Powers

TA Out!