Netflix and Chill? Nah, Quarantine and Cook.

Date: March 21, 2020 *Cue a heavy Jersey accent* Hey youse guys! Thanks for checking in today. Normally I would blog about how I watched “Pen Pals” and “Q-Who”, but it’s 11:00 pm and I am exhausted from this week. The University I work at put out several changes and extended our Spring Break, soContinue reading “Netflix and Chill? Nah, Quarantine and Cook.”

TNG: “Contagion” and “The Royale”

Date: March 18, 2020 Season 2, Episodes 11 and 12 Setting the Stage: I watched both episodes, via Netflix, today with all the fur children and the husband. We are continuing our marathon as yesterday we watched Boondock Saints, an Irish movie with an Italian man, while eating Mexican food and today we watched BoondockContinue reading “TNG: “Contagion” and “The Royale””